The Armenian Church of the Holy Translators supports many ministries. Parishioners are encouraged to participate to help strengthen our parish and faith. If you are interested in service on any of the following ministries, please contact Fr. Krikor or a specific coordinator.



Altar Servers: Young men aged 13 and up receive training to participate in a variety of church services. (Coordinator: Fr. Krikor Sabounjian)

Candleholders: Boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 12 are welcome to be candleholders during Badarak. (Coordinator: Karyn Bilezerian)

Choir: Parishioners interested in singing with our choir are invited to join them in the front two pews during Sunday Badarak. (Organist: Reine Sayegh; Choir Director: Elise Durgarian)



Armenian School: This program offers language and cultural instruction to both beginners and intermediate speakers and is open to children and adults. (Superintendent: Susan Ciaffi)

Bible Study: Offered on Tuesdays from 10:30 to 11:30 AM in the church fellowship hall. (Coordinator: Fr. Krikor Sabounjian)

Christian Education Ministry: Organizes programs and activities for the different demographics of our parish to explore and grow their faith through fellowship.

Cultural Ministry: Provides our parish members and the greater community with a diverse group of programs that promote our Christian Armenian heritage (Coordinator: Stepan Piligian)

Sunday School: Our mission is to help our children create a living relationship with Christ through faith, Bible study, prayer and the traditions of the Armenian Church. Our program offers both classroom and service components for children and teens between the ages of 3 and 18. (Coordinators: Karyn Bilezerian, Elise Durgarian, and Julie Everleigh)



Auditing Committee: Reviews the church’s financial records before our annual Parish Assembly.

Community Outreach: This ministry team offers discreet assistance to parishioners in need and supports local community service activities. Our Miracle Kitchen team prepares meals for ailing church members. (Coordinator: Renee Ferraro )

Fellowship: Volunteers are needed to sponsor and work at our Coffee Fellowships after Church. (Coordinator: Jaymie Babaian)

Maintenance Committee: Responsible for maintaining all physical aspects of the Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall and church property. (Coordinators: Karen Durgarian and Robin Palombo)

Nominating Committee: An elected group of parishioners who are responsible for organizing the slate of candidates before our annual Parish Assembly.

Parish Council: The governing body of our parish is made up of Fr. Krikor, nine elected parishioners and 2 elected Diocesan delegates. (Chairperson: Robin Palombo)



ACYOA Jrs.: This youth group is open to teens between the ages of 13 and 18. (Advisor: Yn. LuAnn Sabounjian)

ACYOA Srs.: A fellowship and service group for young adults ages 19 and up. (Chairperson: Arthur Sabounjian)

Social Ministry: This team is charged with furthering Christian fellowship through social and recreational activities for all members of the congregation. (Coordinators: Lucine Kaprielian, Donna Kutzer and Sylva Yeghiayan)

Women’s Ministry: This group creates programs and activities for women to explore and grow their faith, and create bonds through a variety of activities through events both within and outside the Parish. (Coordinators: Nancy Barsamian and Yn. LuAnn Sabounjian)