Our Parish

The Armenian Church of the Holy Translators is a Christ-centered community where faith, family, and fellowship meet.

A Word from our Pastor

Welcome to the Armenian Church of the Holy Translators. My prayer is that this website will be a source of valuable information and an opportunity for you and your family to learn more about our Parish and its mission.

If you are visiting the Framingham, MA area, we invite you to stop by and worship with us. I would love to meet you in person. If you live nearby, come and see us anytime. You and your family are always welcome.

Please contact me if you or a family member are sick at home, hospitalized, or simply want to talk.

God Bless You!

– Reverend Father Krikor A. Sabounjian

Mission Statement

The Armenian Church of the Holy Translators is a parish of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America that exists to provide a spiritually enriching and nourishing worship experience that is Christ-centered. The Armenian Church of the Holy Translators seeks to foster active family participation, encourage community fellowship, exemplify a welcoming example of Christian faith in action and actively demonstrate social outreach within the community.

The History of Our Parish

Our MetroWest community began gathering for worship and fellowship in parishioners’ homes in July 1997. As numbers grew, we celebrated our worship services in the chapel at the Sisters of St. Joseph at Bethany Hill, in Framingham, MA, until November 2001, when the Park St. Baptist Church was purchased to house our new parish.

The Armenian Church of the Holy Translators began as an official mission parish of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America in April 1998. In the decades preceding, the demographics of Armenians had changed dramatically in the Greater Boston and Worcester areas, with many Armenians moving to the MetroWest region. As a result, there was a need to develop a spiritual center for those relocated families.

The building was formerly a Baptist church. Many ACHT parishioners worked together to clean, renovate, paint, and landscape the property to ultimately transform it into the beautiful sanctuary we have today.

The parish was consecrated as the Armenian Church of the Holy Translators in October 2003. The name gives glory to the group of priests – led by St. Sahag and St. Mesrob – who worked for many years translating the Bible and other essential religious writings into the Armenian language, thereby making the teachings of our Lord available to the Armenian people. The Holy Translators completed the translation of the Bible in 425 A.D. The first words written in the Armenian language were from the Book of Proverbs: “To know wisdom and instruction; to perceive the words of understanding” (Proverbs 1:2)

We celebrated 20 years of consecration and 25 years of Father Krikor A. Sabounjian’s ordination on November 18 at the DoubleTree in Westboro, MA.

View the celebration booklet.

Today, our church continues to be a spiritual home of wisdom, instruction, and understanding to parishioners from the Greater MetroWest area, including the towns of Holliston, Hopkinton, Milford, Dedham, Dover, Natick, Newton, Wayland, Wellesley, and many other surrounding areas.

Parish Ministries

The Armenian Church of the Holy Translators supports many ministries. Parishioners are encouraged to participate to help strengthen our parish and faith. If you are interested in service on any of the following ministries, please contact us at info@holytranslators.org.

Altar Servers – Young men aged 13 and up receive training to participate in a variety of church services. (Coordinator: Dn. Arthur Sabounjian)

Candleholders – Boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 12 are welcome to be candleholders during Badarak. (Coordinator: Dn. Arthur Sabounjian)

Choir – Parishioners interested in singing with our choir are invited to join them in the front two pews during Sunday Badarak. (Choir Director: Elise Durgarian)

Bible Study – Themed programs are offered seasonally. (Coordinator: Fr. Krikor Sabounjian)

Sunday School – Our mission is to help our children create a living relationship with Christ through faith, Bible study, prayer, and the traditions of the Armenian Church. Our program offers both classroom and service components for children and teens between the ages of 3 and 18. (Coordinator: Karyn Bilezerian)

ACHT Angels – This group provides cheer, support, and meals to parishioners during difficult times. (Coordinator: Lori Chobanian)

Auditing Committee – Reviews the church’s financial records before our annual Parish Assembly. (Chairperson: Andrew Piligian)

Community Outreach – This ministry team supports local community service activities and volunteers monthly at the United Way Pearl Street Kitchen. (Coordinator: Jennifer Cote)

Fellowship – Volunteers are needed to sponsor and work at our Coffee Fellowships after Church. (Coordinator: Jaymie Babaian)

Maintenance Committee – Responsible for maintaining all physical aspects of the Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, and church property. (Coordinators: Karen Durgarian and Robin Palombo)

Nominating Committee – An elected group of parishioners responsible for organizing the slate of candidates before our annual Parish Assembly. (Chairperson: Renne Ferraro)

Parish Council – Our parish is governing body comprises Fr. Krikor, nine elected parishioners, and two elected Diocesan delegates. (Chairperson: Robin Palombo)

ACYOA Juniors – This youth group is open to teens between the ages of 13 and 18. (Advisor: Paul Boyajian)

ACYOA Seniors – A fellowship and service group for young adults ages 19 and up. (Chairperson: Sona Dagley)

Social Ministry – This team is charged with furthering Christian fellowship through social and recreational activities for all members of the congregation. (Coordinators: Lucine Kaprielian, Donna Kutzer and Sylva Yeghiayan)

Women’s Ministry – This group creates programs and activities for women to explore and grow their faith and create bonds through a variety of activities through events both within and outside the Parish. (Coordinators: Nancy Barsamian and Yn. LuAnn Sabounjian)

Parish Council

Pastor & President

Rev. Fr. Krikor S. Sabounjian

Recording Secretary

Elise Durgarian

Assistant Treasurer

Andrew Piligian


Stan Sooklal


Robin Palombo

Corresponding Secretary

Sarah Polomski


Elizabeth Boyajian

Diocesean Delegates

Tom Garabedian & Ron Khachadoorian

Vice Chairperson

Anthony Mello


Karyn Bilezerian


Christine Hagopian

illustrated map of Armenia

The Armenian Church

The Armenian Church of the Holy Translators is part of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church, which has a rich Christian history dating to the time of Christ and the apostles. Through apostolic succession, the Armenian Church directly traces her existence back to two of the original apostles, Thaddeus and Bartholomew, who brought the Gospel of Christ to Armenia.

Armenia accepted Christianity as the official state religion in 301 A.D. through the conversion of King Drtad by St. Gregory the Enlightener, making it the first Christian nation.

Etchmiadzin Cathedral

The Armenian Church is headquartered in the Monastery of Holy Etchmiadzin, in the Armenian city of Etchmiadzin. It is home to His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of all Armenians.​

Armenian Diocese NYC

The Armenian Church of the Holy Translators is a parish of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America, located in New York City, and led by the Very Reverend Fr. Mesrop Parsamyan.